Timeline View Generator

Create a timeline graph from your Google Calendar data.

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Missing Planning View

Google calendar is one of the best team scheduling tools available, but it lacks a timeline view.

Timeline graphs are an important tool for team and resource planning. Timeline views allow for scheduling data to be viewed in a way regular calendars and agendas are unable to convey.

Timelines help visualize gaps and overlaps in scheduling, helping to avoid over- or under-utilization of resources.

Critical Business Tool

Map and visualize calendar data across many use cases:

  • Staff scheduling
  • Employee vacations
  • Room scheduling
  • Project Planning
  • Warehouse and dock scheduling
  • And much more!

Print the resulting timeline graph for better reference and to share with others.

Easy and Free

Generating a timeline graph is easy! Start now.

You will be asked to authorize access to your Google account's Calendar data. You can then select any number of available calendars, a timeline and a start date. You will be presented with a timeline graph.

Each calendar's events use the default color associated with the Google Calendar, helping to visualize your team members and resources. Depending on the timeline, event titles may be visible, but hover your mouse over an event for more details. Print the page to share with others!

Make changes and regenerate your graph or return to create as many new graphs are needed.