Generate Notion Timeline

If you have a notion calendar view and would like to display its data in a timeline graph, no need to wait for Notion to release its long-teased timeline view.

This tool will allow you to utilize your calendar view data to create static timeline graph. See an Example.

Get Started

Two values are required to grant access to your notion calendar data used to generate the timeline. These values are never saved or retained by and are only used to generate a timeline on a single-use basis.

First, open your Notion page containing a Calendar view. Copy and paste the full url into the input field below.

If your page is public, skip this step and click submit. If you would prefer to keep your page private, return to the Notion site to retrieve your auth token. In Chrome: open developer tools (Menu More Tools\Developer Tools), navigate to the Application tab, look under Storage \ Cookies and copy the value of token_v2 cookie. Paste it into the field below. Similar options are available in other browsers.

Select the notion property/column you would like to use to base your timeline on. The selected property will be used to label each of the timeline's rows. Only the row title property and person property are available for selection currently.