How to Use TimelineTool

Get your Google Calendars set up in the timeline schedule tool.

Watch the video to see all of the timeline schedule view features in action.

TimelineTool is the perfect scheduling complement to Google Calendar. This guide will demonstrate how to use TimelineTool to schedule employees (staff, shift, or vacation scheduling) or schedule resources (tools, vehicles, or rooms scheduling).

Make sure that each employee and resource you plan to schedule has it’s own Google Calendar. These can be calendars created under a single Google account or any calendar the TimelineTool user has been given "editing" privileges to from any other Google account.

Getting Started

When logging into TimelineTool for the first time, you will see your main Google account calendar added to your default schedule view.

At least one calendar is required at all times. If you wish to remove your default calendar from the schedule view, add another calendar first.

Add Calendar

Select the Add Calendar button. You will be presented with the option to add any calendar that you have editing privileges for. Once added, you will see the new calendar added as a new row in your schedule view.

Edit and Remove Calendars

To make changes to calendars in your timeline, click on the calendar name in the left-most column. Here, you have the option to edit or remove a calendar.

You can set the display name for the calendar and define its order of appearance. Note that this only affects how this calendar appears in your TimelineTool app schedule view. This will not change anything on your Google account side.

If you select the Remove Calendar option, your calendar will be removed for your schedule view. This will not delete your calendar from your Google account, only remove it from this TimelineTool schedule view.

Add, Edit and Remove Schedules

Select Schedules from the top toolbar or click the name of the current schedule view in the top left corner of the timeline to make changes to create new schedules, edit schedule names or remove schedules.

Create as many schedules as you want! Individual calendars can be a part of multiple schedules.


Your Google Calendar events for each calendar are automatically displayed in your timeline schedule view. Any changes made to events inside TimelineTool are also synced to your Google Calendar.

Interact with Events

Hover your cursor over an event to see more details.

Click on an event to display an editing window where you can update or delete an event.

Drag and Drop Events

Click and drag an event to a new day/time or to a new calendar row. You can also click and drag at the beginning or end of an event block to change the duration of an event.

Add New Events

New events are added by clicking on the desired time slot of a calendar. Enter event details in the popup window.

Current Schedule View

To change the timeframe of the current schedule view, select a new option from the dropdown (Day, Week, Month, etc.)

Move backward and forward in your timeline with the directional arrow buttons.

Jump back to the present timeline with the Today button.

Narrow down the visible events within a schedule view with the search function (magnifying glass icon). Search across event title and description fields.

Schedule Settings

From within a schedule view, select the gear icon to change schedule settings and defaults.

Initial View

The default schedule view is the "Day" view. You can change this option to have the selected schedule open to a different view when you return to the app.


TimelineTool uses the timezone set in your Google calendar. You can change the timezone used to display your events in TimelineTool, which does not affect the default Google Calendar timezone setting.

Start/End Times

If you are only concerned with seeing events occurring within a specified window each day, such as open/workday hours, change the schedule start and end times.

Total Scheduled Time

TimelineTool can help calculate allocated time within the calendars across the visible schedule view. You can choose to hide or show this option.

The Total Scheduled Time is calculated base on all events visible with the selected view of the schedule, this includes events filtered with the search function.

Public Link

Access your schedule's publicly-sharable link from within the settings gear icon button. Copy the individualized link, and share it with anyone. This link does not require an account to view the schedule, and presents a read-only view of the individual schedule. No changes can be made to the schedule or account through this link.